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Latest Article
Measuring value and ROI from beginning to end of your IT projects
2 April 2023
Do you know the concrete value of your IT projects? These five steps are crucial to understanding and demonstrating the real value and ROI of your IT initiatives - to your IT department, to company leaders, and to shareholders.
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  Prioritise your IT strategy based on business goals
5 February 2023
Ensure that your IT projects deliver maximum results by strategising from the top down, and weighting the value of projects against an objective, measurable scale.

How to conduct knowledge transfer efficiently
7 November 2022
Switching to an outsourced model is a complex process. It's easy to make mistakes or overlook crucial elements of knowledge transfer, but careful planning and thorough understanding of the process will ensure that your objectives are met on target.

Don't toss "dead" leads too soon: CRM tips for the long haul
10 October 2022
Sales representatives have a bad habit of tossing leads as "dead" long before their expiry dates, according to CRM figures. What can you do to more effectively manage your "dead" leads and profit from their eventual return to life?

Challenges of ERP replacement
12 September 2022
What's the best approach to replacing a 10- or 15-year-old ERP system that's become obsolete? How can business owners and IT managers ensure that the transition happens smoothly, quickly, and as inexpensively as possible?

Successful software implementation requires planning and objectivity
15 August 2022
What does it take to prevent delays, mistakes and unexpected costs while you're implementing a new system? These five professional tips make the difference.

How to help your business spend wisely on IT
18 July 2022
IT plays a key role in future-oriented planning for today's companies, but IT budgeting must be approached with an eye to wooing business culture.

How to get more from your outsourced IT service provider
20 June 2022
Outsourcing offers powerful cost-cutting benefits, but often fails to deliver the technological advances and critical benefits that businesses really need. Here's how to get the most out of your outsourced services.

Is your company's data secure in the cloud?
23 May 2022
Does cloud computing provide the safeguards to protect your critical business information from hackers and thieves?

Tips, tricks, and tools for defining CRM system requirements
25 April 2022
While other types of software have fairly standard requirements, CRM can vary widely from one company to the next. What does your business need in terms of CRM?

Is your project headed for speed bumps?
28 March 2022
Project management is a precarious balancing act, and it can be hard to predict when clear skies may turn to stormy weather. Here are six tips for identifying whether your project is running into trouble.

400% tax deduction for expenditure on business software
28 February 2022
From 2012 to 2022, you can enjoy tax deduction at 400% of the expenditure on IT systems under the the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme.

10 strategies for punctual, budget-friendly project management
31 January 2022
Projects often go over budget, take longer than expected, or outright fail. As a project manager, what can you do to tip the scales toward success?

6 steps to "future-proof" your IT department
3 January 2022
As technology evolves, it's easy to become tied up in the ever-increasing convolution of business systems. Here are 6 simple steps to cut through the complexity and future-proof your company's technology.

5 Tips for effective electronic document management
6 December 2020
How can a business choose the best document management solution and create a system that meets their needs? Read on for five tips in effective, efficient document management.

Cloud and collaboration: The future of ERP
8 November 2020
ERP systems have enabled companies to manage internal data and organisation more effectively, but what's next for external growth? Cloud computing solutions offer versatile options for outward-looking businesses.
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