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User-friendly, custom-tailored IT systems from a quality software builder
Great IT functionality comes from understanding the situations, processes, and roles in which software applications will be asked to serve. Only with true breadth and depth of knowledge, and an understanding of real business needs, can technology be created that provides a usable interface, practical tools, and the insight to help corporations evolve.
Hiend delivers a completely customer-oriented approach to software. Our clients choose us because they know that we will provide exactly the tools they're looking for and more, within or under budget. Our programming expertise enables us to offer:

  • The best software for reasonable price
  • Easy to use, time-saving tools that streamline business processes
  • Flexibility through our Agile approach
  • Assurance through our proven capacity
  • Flawless integration with existing business systems
  • Future-proofed systems with built-in industry insights
  • Guaranteed quality with our quality assurance plan
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Web application development
Hiend utilises an unconventional combination of technical and programming skills with a creative approach to IT functionality. We want you to love our systems, because that means we've done our job and that you are likely saving time, money, and effort.

We offer fully integrated online services, and strive to always deliver more than you expect. Our customer base is made up of loyal fans precisely because we believe in providing constant innovation and improvement, generating greater efficiency and utility so that you'll come to trust our IT systems... and even love them.

At Hiend, we specialise in developing highly usable web and mobile solutions that are compatible with Microsoft technologies and that generate more for our clients: more business, more money, more web traffic, more reporting and analytics, more returns on your investment-and more results.

We work closely with each of our customers to produce the precise tools they need to grow their business. Using interactive models and extensive prototypes, we're able to generate the look and feel of the final product before we begin development. Some of our web applications include:

  • Singapore Government Crisis News Portal for Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts
  • Bilingual Case Application System for Ministry of Education
  • CPF Member and Employer Services Survey System for Central Provident Fund Board
  • Usher Management System for National Arts Council and National Library
  • Design Futures Portal and Grant Management System for DesignSingapore Council

System integration
With complete system integration, Hiend is able to provide businesses with a number of notable outcomes, such as increased financial returns, higher customer and employee satisfaction, and greater efficiency and productivity. We believe that powerful results and profits come from the streamlined processes delivered by our IT systems.

At Hiend, we offer a range of integration models for a variety of systems. Our technical team is experienced at providing guidance and support as you incorporate our applications into your network and systems.

Our approach to this type of work may involve any of the following:

  • Service oriented architecture (SOA): Transfer of data through web messaging and other online services
  • Database level: Providing direct links across SQL Server, Oracle, or other databases
  • Interface or batch jobs: Data transfer via Windows Scheduler, Autosys Jobs, SFTP, and other systems
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): A more user-oriented interface, allowing users to move across system domains without the need to log in at multiple access points
  • APIs: System-specific integration APIs can be created in situations where there are no required protocols or industry standards that must be followed
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