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Regain control over document chaos with Hiend Document Management Solution
Simplify the way you organise your company's files and databases with Hiend Document Management Solution (DMS), a versatile platform designed to provide greater control to business groups and teams who deal with large volumes of information.
  • Collect all of your project or company data in a single, centralised location
  • Provide instant access to project staff, managers, and board members through a secure document sharing platform
  • Track all changes with auditable document history
  • Find the documents you need instantly with powerful search functionality
  • Save time, paper, and money with virtual document storage
  • Ensure the security of your data with disaster recovery planning
  • Improve your business performance and decision making processes with easy access to key information, when you need it most
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Hiend DMS provides a secure platform for accessing and sharing information, with easy tracking and collaboration features to serve the needs of your enterprise.

Solution overview
Adding value for businesses of all sizes, Hiend DMS is a robust system that orders, sorts, and organises all types of documents. With seamless search functionality, this system indexes files in their native format, including all metadata, delivering a full-service solution for tracking business information.

  • Organisation tools: Store, file, and organise documents for future access through a secure, centralised platform. Hiend DMS library serves as a safe storage location for everything from project-related documents and workspaces to legal and confidential information. Version control makes it easy to refer or revert to previous file versions if needed.
  • Search functionality: Hiend DMS is set up to automatically tag documents, sorting them into categories that can be customised to meet your organisational needs. When you use tags and metadata to file information, a search will locate the documents you need quickly and accurately from entire libraries of content.
  • Complete control: At every stage of document creation and management, you'll retain ultimate control over who can view and access your information. Flexible security profiles through a records management module make it easy to govern your databases in compliance with all requirements.
  • Effortless sharing: Centralised access to content makes it simple for groups and individuals to share documents and collaborate on projects and content. Share files securely with co-workers, managers, and shareholders for feedback.

  • Web-based user interface allows for easy access from any browser
  • AJAX provides an intuitive and familiar user experience
  • Supports MS Word, PDF, and JPG previews, as well as other common formats
  • Scan documents into the system directly with a TWAIN scanner
  • Easily transfer files and folders from the desktop into the document management system

Document management:
  • Batch import documents as ZIP files
  • Save documents and entire folders as ZIP files
  • "Lock" function prevents documents from being modified or deleted by other users
  • Bookmark files and folders to make them easier to locate
  • Users can set custom defaults for their home page when they enter the system
  • Supports a variety of document templates
  • Restores documents from recycle bin as needed
  • Supports document classification types and categories
  • Option to enable email notifications about document status and revisions
  • Attaches documents to email messages
  • Adds descriptions and other notes to folders and files
  • Automatically reads and interprets metadata as part of document description
  • Creates unique labels and document identifiers
  • Export all common file formats as PDF documents

Workflow management:
  • Built-in submission, review, and approval workflows
  • Custom workflows can be created by authorised users
  • Supports several workflow types, including broadcast, parallel, and serial
  • Assign tasks and monitor users/groups with checkpoints
  • Intuitive dashboards facilitate workflow visualisation
  • Provides email notification settings and allows for custom content and subject lines
  • Set workflows to trigger automatically when particular folders are accessed or created

OCR technology
  • Reads and interprets text from images and PDF documents
  • Extracts text from scanned files

Search functionality
  • Offers simple and advanced search features
  • Find files and folders based on names, keywords, metadata, content, organisation and other fields
  • Search results can be ordered by relevance, date, or numerous other criteria
  • Indexes new documents automatically and instantly
  • Save searches for later reference
  • Supports searches via stemming, stop words, and synonyms

  • Import and export documents and folders to/from other systems
  • Customise system settings and parameters
  • Set up access to accounts and profiles
  • Batch jobs and scheduling
  • Audit trail

  • Supports LDAP, Active Directory and third party authentication mode
  • Supports granular access controls
  • Access controls by user or role
  • Set and modify permissions for folders and files
  • Automatically records audit trail for all users
  • Encryption and decryption tools provide enhanced document security
  • SSL support ensures safer networking

Microsoft Office Integration
  • Work with Microsoft Office 2000 to 2007 through add-ons
  • Deliver and receive emails through the system using Microsoft Outlook
  • Access, read, and revise Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents from within the document management system

Other features
  • Reporting tools and robust metrics
  • Self-service for account information update and passwords recovery
  • Interact with external systems through simple web services API
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