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Automate business processes with Hiend Workflow Management Solution
Business processes are increasingly complex, requiring more effective and efficient management tools. Companies seeking simpler, more powerful ways to improve their day-to-day operations will find a fitting solution in Hiend Workflow Management Solution (WMS). Integrating seamlessly with existing operations, this sophisticated tool streamlines processes and increases productivity.
  • Streamline communication with customers and between internal departments
  • Speed up problem resolution and tackle client requests more efficiently
  • Create accurate reports and monitor your workflow in real time
  • Maintain momentum at each stage with automated updates and notifications
  • Reduce paper waste and cut costs with more efficient resource usage
  • Ensure fast, measurable, and consistent workflow with reliable tools and monitoring
  • Make ongoing improvement an everyday component of your business paradigm
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Solution overview
Hiend WMS makes it easy to visualise, track, and produce quality content through a streamlined paradigm that combines both sequential and parallel procedure processing. This robust system includes step monitoring, deadline management tools, status reporting, and delegation, as well as models for designing and outlining processes in their initial stages.

With straightforward interfaces that offer easy access to workflow tools, all reporting and statistics are at your fingertips. Any user can create workflows from within a document or content management system. Provide helpful reminders and feedback through email notifications that can be customised to suit the needs of your business and the working style of your team.

In addition, Hiend WMS provides support for Active Directory and LDAP integration, as well as database-driven security and interface capabilities. This system was designed for large-scale businesses, government organisations, and other groups seeking a complete process management tool that simplifies organisational needs.

The results
Corporations juggling complex workloads and large groups of employees can streamline their organisational needs and provide much-needed process management support with the efficient tools and systems of Hiend WMS.

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